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Workshop on Causality and Information Flow within Complex Systems July 22-28, 2018


Causality and Information Flow within Complex Systems

July 22-28, 2018, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

(Co-Conveners: X. San Liang, Rio J. Sun, Erik M. Bollt)

Detection of causality between dynamical events is a fundamental problem lying at the heart of science; it is also an important question in philosophy as it provides “guides to higher understanding.” In many applications, the question of causality detection often becomes a concrete research objective, such as in studies on the hotly debated and extremely influential topic, namely, the cause-effect relation between CO2 emission and global warming.

The past decades have seen rapid progress in this field. Our intention is to take advantage of the 9th International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2018) the unique interdisciplinary forum to bring together scholars from different disciplines who have made significant recent contributions to this progress, and to discuss the central challenges and directions for future research. The topics will include theoretical formalisms, such as mathematical frameworks and concepts as well as real-world applications in natural, engineering, social, and biological systems that span multiple fields: financial economics, neuroscience, cognitive processes, biological collective behavior, complex networks, social communication, global politics, business analytics, ecological dynamics, geophysical science (e.g., climate science and seismology), turbulence, artificial intelligence, to name several.

Abstracts should be submitted on-line via the ICCS2018 site at http://www.necsi.edu/events/iccs2018/.

Please include a sentence in the abstract referencing this workshop. The deadline is March 31, 2018. Abstracts submitted after March 31 will be considered on a rolling basis as time allows.


Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (overlooking Boston)

Deadlines and Important Dates

Abstract submission: March 31, 2018

Notification to authors: April 10, 2018

Early registration: April 13, 2018

Workshop: July 22-28, 2018